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Explore our versatile toolkit designed to elevate your communication strategy with personalized audio


Generate personalized audio content at scale using our Audio Content EngineTM

Voice cloning

Clone your brand's unique voice for lifelike, authentic messaging

An original and cloned waveform compared

Speech synthesis

Convert text into speech, delivering your message with emotion and impact

A long text input field for audio transcripts to be converted to speech

Custom fields

Personalize each message with dynamic variables, making every interaction feel one-of-a-kind

A merge field variable in the middle of a sentence

Pronunication library

Ensure accurate pronunciation of names, product names, and other specific terms for a truly personalized touch

A highlighted word with a popup that allows for adjustments to pronunication


Easily send scheduled and triggered voice campaigns

Branded messaging

Enhance your audio messages with branded elements, including profile pictures, logos, and brand colors, fostering trust and loyalty

A branded audio message

Triggered campaigns

Send automated, triggered campaigns based on user interactions, ensuring timely and relevant messages

The steps involved in messaging a new customer

Scheduled campaigns

Plan and schedule campaigns in advance to reach your audience at the perfect moment

A collection of shopper pictures and a button saying Send to 100K+ contacts

Subscriber growth

Collect SMS subscribers from apps (Shopify)

Branded creatives

Add custom branding to audio messages


An automated sequence of steps set in motion by a single trigger


Select contact lists from app integrations (Klaviyo)


Select contact lists from app integrations (Klaviyo)


Track campaign performance and return on investment

Short links

Understand click-through and conversion rates, and gather insights with shortened, trackable links

An example short link

Campaign attribution

Gain clarity on the impact of audio, attributing success to specific campaigns

A trending upward chart


Connect your existing tools and drive growth


Sync with your Shopify store to create dynamic audio messages for products and promotions

The Shopify logo


Connect Para with thousands of apps through Zapier, automating tasks and supercharging your messaging

The Zapier logo


Seamlessly integrate with Klaviyo for data-driven, personalized marketing campaigns

The Klaviyo logo


Coming soon

Integrate with Slack for real-time updates and collaboration on your audio campaigns

The Slack logo


Stay aligned with industry regulations and mitigate risk

Toll-free registration

Register your business with a toll-free number for enhanced caller identification

Consent validation

Ensure legal compliance by verifying customer consent before initiating messages

Easy opt-out

Provide a simple, user-friendly opt-out process for subscribers who wish to discontinue messages

Business hours

Set specific business hours to control when your messages are sent, respecting your customers' time

Audio transcription

Automatically transcribe audio replies for easy review and analysis

Contrast checker

Use our contrast checker tool to ensure that your visuals meet accessibility standards, reaching a broader audience