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The best have spoken

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The Para team is a dream to work with. They're thoughtful, innovative, and responsive, and they've helped us achieve results right away.
Meggyn Pomerleau, Email & SMS Marketing
Para has transformed the way we connect with our customers. It adds a unique and human touch, making every interaction feel special.
Eleanor Turner, Founder & CEO
We love the opportunity to bring our voices back into the mix and offer more moments of social connection within the Ned community.
Adriaan Zimmerman, Co-Founder & CEO
Showing the more “human” aspects of your business may be the missing puzzle piece you need to create a more loyal audience.
Jess Cervellon, VP Customer Experience

Frequently asked

What is Para and how does it work?

Para is a personalized voice messaging platform that enables brands to connect with their audience using lifelike synthetic voices. It uses AI and natural language processing to generate human-like speech, allowing you to create and send audio campaigns with the nuance of a real conversation.

How does Para compare to traditional text-based marketing?

Unlike text-based marketing, Para taps into the power of audio to create more engaging and authentic interactions. Audio messaging fosters stronger connections and resonates better with your audience, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Can I personalize the audio content for my campaigns?

Absolutely. Para empowers you to personalize audio content just like you would with text-based messages. You can tailor messages to specific customer segments, ensuring a more relevant and meaningful engagement.

Can I integrate Para with my existing marketing tools and platforms?

Yes, Para offers seamless integration capabilities with various marketing tools and platforms. We understand the importance of a unified marketing strategy, and our system can be easily integrated to enhance your current marketing stack.

Is Para suitable for small businesses or larger enterprises?

Para is designed to benefit a wide range of businesses, from small enterprises to larger corporations. Whether you're a purpose-driven startup or a well-established brand, Para's personalized voice messaging can enhance your marketing efforts and customer engagement.